Welcome to Avodah Coffee! We are so excited to be the new owners of this amazing business. We are committed to bringing you the same great quality coffee, all while keeping the integrity that Avodah has been know for. We believe in sending  you not only an amazing bag of coffee, but coffee with a conscience. We are working to get things up and running again, so we appreciate your patience while the store is down for maintenance.

The word Avodah is Hebrew, the term avodah is an important concept in both the Old Testament and understanding the biblical concepts of “work” and “service”.  The root of avodah can be used as a noun—”work” or “service,” even “servant” or “slave”—or as a verb—”to work,” “to serve,” and was used more traditionally as “serving God.”  For us it means that the work we do is more than a job – that bringing the awesome to our customers is about serving you, the farmers who grow the coffee, and those who benefit from the organizations we support.  All this is truly done as an act of worship; of an offering of service to God!

Work. Service. Serving. Working. That’s Avodah!